Privacy Policy


Saora Inc. is concerned about protecting the rights and privileges of Internet use and has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding protecting the privacy of the users of its products and of all visitors to our Web sites. ZERO TOLERANCE PRIVACY POLICY means that we do not sell or rent our partners' or our customers' information to third parties, without exception. Period.

The ZERO TOLERANCE PRIVACY POLICY is in effect for all of the Web sites and products and services owned and operated by Saora Inc.

Saora Inc allows distribution of some of its software and services through third parties and their websites. We do not control how those third parties use the information gathered on their sites and advise our users to review the privacy policies on the individual sites.

What Information Does Saora Collect?

Some of our services are for registered users only. Although these services are free of charge in most cases, we do need to gather some personal information in order to authenticate our users to ensure safe and pleasant experience for all the visitors and users of our websites and services.

When you order from our site or any of the sites operated by us, we must collect the purchaser's name, company name, email address, credit card information and expiration date, and often the mailing address and phone number. This information is required as a necessary part of completing your order and will not be sold or provided to any third parties; it is explicitly collected for processing and fulfillment of orders and to provide order tracking and customer service support.

Saora may use this information to send you the purchase receipt and from time to time, communicate any critical information that we may need to share with you.

No Spam

Saora maintains a strict "no-spam" policy. Your email address or mailing address will not be sold or rented to a third party. If you sign up for an email newsletter, trial product, or purchase product, you may receive occasional follow up emails from Saora to inform you of product promotions or news.


If at anytime you wish to be removed from our user list you may request to be removed by going to the account information and click the delete button. Removals are usually done within 48 hours.

How do we protect the purchase information?

Saora protects the individual's personal and credit card information through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The logic included in SSL encrypts the data being sent via the internet from the purchaser’s browser to our transaction servers and back. This high level encryption technology is widely accepted as a standard for online security of sensitive information. This methodology prevents the consumer's credit information from being viewed in plain text.