Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q:Who are you?
  • A:JLPT Practice is operated by Saora Inc. For more information about Saora, go to "About us"page.
  • Q:I still have questions...
  • A:If you still have questions, suggestions or requests, please send us your Feedback through our "Feedback"page.


JLPT Practice Test

  • Q:What are the requirements of your test?
  • A:In order to take the online practice test, you need to use one of these browsers:IE 7.0+ or Firefox 3.0+. Furthermore, you need a voucher to access a test.
  • Q:Which JLPT levels can I test?
  • A:We provide tests for all levels N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. There is also a demo test, which you can use free. If you do not know the level appropriate for yourself, you can try creating Question Book in our study room for various levels and see how you perform. This will help you decide the level appropriate to you.


  • Q:What products do you sell?
  • A:We mainly sell the service to take an online JLPT practice test. If you purchase a test, you can continue taking it Beside these vouchers, we also sell books related to learning Japanese. These carefully selected books should give you optimal support for studying for the JLPT.
  • Q:What forms of payment do you accept?
  • A:We accept credit card (Visa) and bank transfer. The order will be processed as soon as the payment is confirmed.
  • Q:What are your shipping charges and policies?
  • A:
    • Domestic
    • All products are sent with Japan Post mail. Shipping cost is fixed to 500 Yen (except in some cases). The delivery may take about one weeks, depending on stock availability.
    • International
    • The shipping cost for all products is 1800 Yen and are sent by EMS. The delivery may take up to 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the stock availability and destination. The customer is responsible for the applicable duty/tax/VAT of respective countries in importing the products.
      If the shipping cost (domestic or international) should exceed the fixed amount we will contact you by email.
  • Q:What are your return policies?
  • A:Products once delivered may not be returned. This counts for physical products as well as for software products.
  • Q:Can I cancel my order?
  • A:When the detailed order list is confirmed, the order may not be cancelled. A detailed list of your order will be sent to you by email after confirmation.
  • Q:How long do I need to wait for the product?
  • A:For domestic orders (Japan) a delivery may take up to a week. International orders may take about 2 to 3 weeks.