JLPT Practice for Android

Want to learn and practice Japanese while on the go?
Don't have a computer you can use at any time?
Have an Android phone?


JLPT Practice for Android is a free JLPT studying tool that can fit in your pocket and go wherever you want to go.

What can you do?

1. Kanji Dictionary
- Search and browse through a dictionary containing over 2300 kanji that can appear on the JLPT exam.
- View detailed information about each kanji, including number of strokes, readings, meanings, radicals, and more.
- View compound words associated with each kanji, a customized list of over 3700 words hand choosen to be valuable in every day life conversation.
- Keep track of your previous searches automatically.
- Mark a kanji as a favourite so you can view it easily at any time.
2. Flash Cards
- Check your memory and improve it by doing flash cards from our entire kanji and compound word dictionary.
- Use your favourites list for your flash cards.
- Filter what level of kanji to be tested on by JLPT level.
- Will automatically remember the previous cards you used so you can continue them again later. Great for learning.
3. Free Demo Test
- One free, JLPT N2 level test that can be taken as many times as you please.
4. Tests
- Take tests and review the results that you have on your phone.
- A good, real-life-like test system that will make you feel like you're in the real thing.
- Take a test as many times as your please, and view its results at any time you feel fit.
- Don't have time to finish a test? Just save it and finish it later.
- Tests are always being added, so be sure to check the Market for more often!

Where can you get it?

  • - Search for JLPT Practice in the Android Market.
  • - If you have an Android phone on you right now, scan the QR code shown here.
  • - If you are looking at this page through an Android phone right now, use this link.
  • android Market

Where can you get more tests?

  • - Search for JLPT Practice Test in the Android Market.
  • - View all of Saora Inc. applications in the Android Market.
  • - If you are looking at this page through an Android phone right now, use this link.
  • - From within the main JLPT Practice application, from the main menu, press Take a Test, press the Menu button, and there will be an option to go directly to the market to look for more tests.
  • - Tests in the Market cost 350 yen per test. Each test has 50 questions and takes about 40 minutes to one hour. Of course, you can take these tests as many times as you like once you buy it once.

All of the above, unlimited use, for free.